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Welcome to the WSA "Blackshirt" Soccer Referee Program (for REC games only):  

Westport Soccer's "Blackshirt" (non-certified, Rec games only) referee program is a terrific opportunity for our youth (age 12 and older) to get involved, gain valuable experience, build confidence and make money too!  Blackshirts are entry-level, non-certified referees and can only officiate WSA REC intramural games (no Travel games ). Pre-season referee training is held in early April and September and led by adult USSF certified referee mentors.  No experience is necessary, however, it's essential to understand the Laws of the Game and enjoy what you're doing.  There's lots to learn and never a dull moment in each game.  Check out more details below. 

Contact us anytime with questions.  We look forward to working with you. 

Kathleen & Robby & Chris

WSA Referee Assignor, Kathleen Galley, [email protected]
WSA Referee Program Advisor & USSF Referee, Robby Casey, [email protected]
Chris Good, USSF Referee Mentor & Training Lead, [email protected] 


Take a look for some great tips on officiating REC soccer games:   



Age Requirement:   Blackshirt Referees must be age 12 or older.  

How to Sign Up: Contact WSA Referee Assignor, Kathleen Galley, [email protected] to receive a userID to activate a referee account on 

Blackshirt Training:  Blackshirts have instructional field training before each season (April/spring & Sept/fall). All Blackshirts must study and understand the Laws of the Game.  Mentoring is offered throughout the season.  All new referees will be paired with experienced refs on each game. 

How to Receive Game Assignments:  All games are posted on our assigning website, every Sunday evening in the fall and spring seasons.  Referees can view and make requests.  userID  access to this website is by invitation only from your referee assignor, Kathleen Galley, [email protected] 

REC Game Schedule: Saturdays between 8am - 6pm in Westport. Spring (April - June).  Fall (Sept - Nov). 


Payment Process:   WSA pays referees thru MELIO payments (direct deposit or paper check)
- All payment notices will be sent to the email that is on the referee's account
- All referees must complete a W9 form  and send to Westport referee assignor, Kathleen Galley:  [email protected]
or send by snail mail to: Westport Soccer, PO Box 2561, Westport, CT 06880, att: Ref Assignor

Ref/Game Fees & WSA payment policy:   WSA payment policy 2021

Who should  I contact if I need to report a game incident?
For player injuries, coach or parent issues, game cancellations, team no-shows, etc: 
WSA Referee Assignor, Kathleen Galley, [email protected]
WSA USSF Referee Advisor, Robby Casey, [email protected]



WSA MASK POLICY for Fall 2021:

Masks are not required outdoors.
masks are optional for all players & referees & for anyone participating in the game or spectating. 

Go to our Covid Safety Page for more details. 

- Pre-game check-in Refs will not handle any player passes. 
- Line the players up side by side ( 3-6ft apart). Check all players are fully equiped and NO jewelry! 
- Ref checks the CJSA game roster and calls out all player names and coaches. All field players must be on the roster. 
- Pre-game coin toss is optional.  Home team picks field side to defend and Away team will kick-off
- If a Ref issues a red card, Ref takes pictures of both rosters to file with  report. 
- Refs can use a mouth whistle.  Electronic whistle is optional
- Refs are not the COVID COPS. Clubs handle all the off the field issues regarding masks and Social Distancing. 
- Ref's job is to focus on the players and their safety.  
- Spitting is automatic YELLOW card, 2nd time = Red Card.
- Ball out of touch is still a THROW IN.  Clubs cannot modify this to make it a kick in for any CJSA sanctioned Classic Travel league games.
- If a Referee feels ill after a match, or has a positive Covid-19 test, it is MANDATORY to report that to Ron Packard, [email protected]

INCLEMENT WEATHER.  CJSA Lightning/Thunder Policy:  

Lightning – Recognizing the threat.  
Apply the 30-30 rule: When you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds or less, seek proper shelter. If you can’t see the lightning, just hearing the thunder is a good back-up rule. 
Wait 30 minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving shelter. Referees must protect the safety of all participants by stopping game activities quickly, so that participants and spectators may retire to a safer place before the lightning threat becomes significant. Remember, if you can hear the thunder, you are within reach of lightning


Purchase at ASF Sports & Outdoor 
1560 Post Road East in Westport

(Black T-shirt must be purchased at ASF. 
other items can be purchased elsewhere 
such as Soccer & Rugby or 

- WSA Ref logo Black T-shirt (worn as outer layer) 
- Solid black shorts
- Solid black soccer socks (pulled up!)
- Any cleats or dark sneakers.
- Flag set (yellow/red)
- Whistle (hand held, not around neck)
- Red/yellow cards for 5th gr games and up
- Score pad for center refs


Westport Soccer Association
PO Box 2561 
Westport, Connecticut 06880

Phone: 203-221-9900
Email: [email protected]

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